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Inovonics 703 INOmini RDS Encoder-USB


The Inovonics  703  INOmini RDS/RBDS  is the newest ” Mini Encoder “

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Product Description

Inovonics 703  INOmini RDS Encoder is the quick and inexpensive way to an RDS/RBDS presence, with easy USB programming using the supplied Windows software. Your station’s data goes into non-volatile memory, and the unit may then be re-installed at the transmitter site. The 703 will identify your station by format, display your station’s “street name”, and continuously transmit station promos or advertising message to your listeners. An optional rack-mount kit accommodates up to three INOmini style products.

Product specifications

A quick-and-easy way to a useful RDS/RBDS presence
Scrolling-PS and Radio Text static messaging (up to 128 characters)
LCD display
USB-programmable using the self-guiding Windows® software (included)
Encoder programming is easily confirmed on-site without a computer
Rapid data transfer allows scrolling messages to be updated in seconds
The 703 INOmini may be used with any stereo-generator and exciter

Professional Broadcast Equipment for Radio & TV

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