Sunday , 29 January 2023

Inovonics 631- 00 FM Relay Receiver


The Inovonics 631  FM Relay Receiver secures its place at the forefront of 21st century technology with the Model 631-01, the latest frequency-agile, digitally tuned receiver for FM.

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Product Description

The Inovonics 631 FM Relay Receiver with menu-driven access of display and function selections,  gives you a dual IF bandwidth to quickly clear up adjacent-signal problems. Antenna alignment will be a breeze with the 631’s crisp readouts of signal strength and multi-path distortion. You can remotely control or monitor its selectable options and alarms, and high-resolution bar graph readouts let you quickly see all incoming RF and MPX/stereo audio levels, making the 631 as easy to use as it is to afford. 
•Easy to set-up and use 
•Selectable wide/narrow IF bandwidth 
•Composite/MPX and balanced L/R stereo outputs 
•LCD Display 
•Menu-driven selection of functions and readouts 
•High-resolution bargraph displays indicate: MPX and audio levels, Total carrier modulation, Left/Right audio levels, Incoming RF & Multipath distortion 
•Carrier-loss and audio-loss alarms 

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