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Inovonics 531-N FM Modulation Monitor


531-N FM incorporating all the necessary features for station setup with remote monitoring.

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Product Description

Inovonics 531-N  FM Modulation Monitor is incorporating all the necessary features at a very affordable price, Inovonics is the undisputed value leader in FM Mod-Monitor. Dependable off-air monitoring lets you keep an eye on other stations in the market as well as measuring the important parameters of your own signal. High-resolution paragraph displays are easy to read, and a “floating dot” program peak marker eliminates any ambiguity in the total-mod measurement. Off-air readings are qualified by Inovonics’ exclusive multi-path indicator, which also aids in antenna alignment.

Product specifications

Built-in pre-selector for precise off-air measurements
Seven station presets may be recalled by remote control
Bright, accurate paragraph metering:
Total Modulation
Stereo Program Audio
Sub-carrier Injection
Incidental AM Noise
Signal Strength and Multi-path
Signal Inputs:
Antenna (F-connector)
High Level RF (BNC)
MPX Input/Output (BNC)
AM noise out (BNC)
Program Line Output, L/R (XLR)
Alarm tally outputs for remote fault indicators
Operating voltage range 105-120V or 220-250V AC

Professional Broadcast Equipment for Radio & TV

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