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Axia IQ Main Frame

The  Axia iQ 8 Main Frame can be used to build custom consoles of sizes from 8 to 24 faders. A basis system consists of one IQ 8-Fader Main Frame and one QOR.32 Integrated Console engine.


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Product Description

The  Axia IQ 8-Fader Main Frame plugs into the QOR.32 engine using a single CANBus cable. iQ operates as a standalone console, but can also connect to Axia networks. Faders and control capabilities can be expanded by adding one or more of the  i! Expansion frames. Features include 3 dedicated stereo program buses, plus a stereo Utility bus that can be used for phone calls, off-air recording, or as a fourth program bus. Automatc mix-minus is provided on each fader, plus talk back functions, one-button off-air Record Mode, Show profile functions for instant recall of up to 4 pre-defined console “snapshots”, high- resolution OLED program meters switchable between VU and PPM metering styles, sharp OLED option displays on each fader strip, Studio and Control Room monitor controls, Auto-switching. iQ console frames may be placed on top of the desk surface or mounted drop-in style.

4 mic inputs with selectable Phantom power
16 Analog inputs
2 AES/EBU inputs
8 Analog outputs
2 AES/EBU outputs
8 GPIO machine-control logic ports,
each with 5 opto-isolated inputs and 5 outputs
Integrated Ethernet switch
6 Livewire 100Base-T ports (4 with PoE)
2 Gigabit ports (RJ-45 & SFP)
4 CANBus ports for console frames and accessory panels

Professional Broadcast Equipment for Radio & TV

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