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RVR TEX502 LCD/S FM Transmitter


RVR TEX502 LCD/S FM Transmitter offers uncompromised transmission quality at a very attractive price. Ideal for use as drivers for small-power stations or as transmitter in a standalone application. Adjustable power output from 0-500watt.

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Product Description

RVR TEX502 LCD/S 500 watt FM ExciterMicroprocessor – controlled, stability 1 PPM, steps 10 KHZ 0 – 500 watt out, Graphic Display System and Clipper card, built – in Stereo Coder with SCA inputs.

Product Description:

The settings can be read with the digital control and settings, ( power, frequency measurement )

Power adjustable from 10 – 500 watt

FOLD – BACK control ensures a constant output power, VSWR for each condition

EXCELLENT value for money

Available with 2 SCA/ RDS input connections

High quality sstereo coder

Only 2 HE


Integrated telemetry and SMS alarms, internal GSM modem with battery and charger.

Integrated RDS encoder with standard basic functions.

2 Year Warranty  IN STOCK


Professional Broadcast Equipment for Radio & TV

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