Tuesday , 13 October 2015
  • Turnkey Radio Starter ” Pro “

    Turnkey Radio Starter ” Pro “

    TurnKey Radio ” Starter Pro ” The Radio Starter for small PRO RADIO STATIONS, Community and University Radio stations... Read More »
  • FM Budget Radio Station

    FM Budget Radio Station

    Setting up a radio station FM Budget Radio: If you want to start up a full power radio station, we have the solution, a complete radio package for On Air radio, Analog and digital production studio, audio management, automation systems, network audio solutions. ...Read More »


    The Radio Turnkey Solution is a cost effective solution perfect for any kind of station: FM. AM, WEB, all integrated into a compact technical solution, assembled and wired ready to go ON AIR. The Turnkey Radio is a comprehensive Studio with all the essential equipment for a Radio Station to have the best quality, functionality and economical investment...Read More »
  • RVR TEX1002 LCD FM Transmitter 1000W Stereo

    RVR TEX1002 LCD FM Transmitter 1000W Stereo

  • RVR TEX 1000 Light FM Transmitter

    RVR TEX 1000 Light FM Transmitter

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